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  • Product: fiberglass invisible screens
  • NO.: 1-1-1

Knitting and technologies: fiberglass monofilament coating technology is used, complemented by weaving, heating and forming, to produce the products.


1. Long service life. The products are highly weather resistant, anti-aging, anti-cold, anti-heat, anti-drying, moisture resistant, flame retardant, anti-moisture, anti-static, distortion resistant and anti-ultraviolet, with good light transmission and without wrong channeling of fiber; they also have high tensile strength, long service life and other advantages, in addition to beautiful appearance and rigorous structures. The entire screen is made of fiberglass filaments coated flat-woven yarns, and the rest materials are all made of PVC formed through one-time pressing. The split assembly mode solves problems of the traditional screens such as larger gaps between window frames and poor sealing effect. They are not only good looking and safe, but also have good sealing effect.
2. Wide application range. The products can be directly mounted on window frames and are suitable for all types of windows and doors, featuring corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging and fireproof performance.
3. Toxic free and odorless.
4. The gauze is made of fiberglass yarn, fire retardant.
5. Anti-static function, resistant to dust, breathable
6. Good translucence, invisible in a real sense.
7. Automatic light filtering, anti-UV radiation, protecting the health of your family.
8. Anti-aging, long life, reasonable design, 10,000 times of use
9. Green: no harmful chlorine fluoride generated to the atmosphere, in line with the ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification requirements, thus producing no contaminators harmful to the human body.

Uses: ideal protection means against insects and mosquitoes for high-grade office buildings, residential buildings and various other buildings, as well as livestock farms, orchards, etc.